Sunday, March 29, 2009

Board of Ed update

Our local Board of Education did not contact us for a while so we contacted them. We called and left a message for the Superintendent of Schools and one of his assistants called back. The assistant was very helpful and we had a productive discussion for over twenty minutes. The Assistant thought the idea held enough merit to schedule a meeting with herself, the Athletic Director, and indicated that the Superintendent might sit in as well.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

AAU should be applauded

There is an AAU organization in our area that has recently come out with a Coaches Code of Conduct. Their document captures the spirit of the Every Player, Every Game idea and puts it into a document that their coaches have to read and sign! The document has been edited to remove their name, but you can still understand the text. This organization should be applauded for their efforts!

Coaches Code of Conduct
The function of a coach is to encourage, develop, and educate all players participating in
THE _____ _____ AAU. Skills, sportsmanship, and teamwork should be taught and
promoted. Each player should be treated with the belief that the welfare of the player is the
coach's uppermost concern. To promote these ideals THE _____ _____ AAU has
adopted the following Code of Conduct that all coaches must adhere to.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall be aware that he or she has a
tremendous influence - both positive and negative - on the development of the
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall never place the value of winning above
that of instilling the highest ideals of character.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall uphold the honor and dignity of the
sport, organization, and league in all personal contact with participating players,
parents, coaches, officials, administrators, league officials, spectators and public.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall strive to set an example of the highest
moral and ethical conduct.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall avoid the use of alcohol and tobacco
products when coaching players.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach will select a Team Mom if they are a male and
do not have a female Assistant Coach.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach will encourage the parents to provide feedback
via our website WWW._____
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall strive to master the sport of ______
rules and shall teach these rules to his/her team members. The coach shall not seek
an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall exert his/her influence to encourage
sportsmanship by spectators.
• THE _____ _____ Coach shall respect and support officials. The
_____ _____ AAU Coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite
players or spectators against the officials.
• THE _____ _____ AAU Coach shall initiate an exchange of cordial greetings
between competing teams.
I acknowledge that I am an extension of THE _____ _____ AAU organization and
agree to conduct myself in a fashion that will bring pride to THE _____ _____ AAU. I
will abide by the Code of Conduct.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Board of Education meeting

We attended our first Board of Education meeting and made our statement during the Public Comment section of the meeting. Being that it was our first BOE meeting, it did not go as smoothly as we would have liked but the Board listened attentively and asked a question or two after the presentation. The Athletic Director was present as well. We are still awaiting a response from the BOE and/or the Athletic Director.